Hockey Mineur


In 2012 it was the 40th anniversary of the C.O.C. The Olympic Center of Courbevoie was funded in 1972, soon after the ice rink had opened its doors for the first time. In this time, the president of the COC was the Courbevoie mayor, Mr Charles DESPREZ, and the COC was in charge of the activities of both ice rink and swimming pool. The president of the Ice Hockey section was Philippe LACARRIERE, son of Jacques LACARRIERE, former president of the the French National League of Ice Hockey and one of the pioneers of ice hockey in France.

Philippe LACARRIERE was from the Français Volants club and he had been the captain of the Olympic French team in the Olympic Games of Grenoble in 1968. Many hockey players of Courbevoie were also coming from the Français Volants, just like Thierry MONIER who was in charge of the training in the COC and of all the sportive aspects of this club until his death in 2007.

In 1998, the club changed its name for “Club Olympique de Courbevoie”, remaining the “COC”, and it became independent of the Courbevoie city hall. The first president was Jean-Paul DOLLET, and then Jean-Paul de GABRIAC, Michel CAILLETEAU and Franck DATY took the post one after the other in the years that followed. Then Jean-Paul de GABRIAC became the president once again and he is still in charge, and it is Patrick LEGRAND who runs the Ice Hockey section.

The club has begun in 1972 with few younglings and then, years after years, it would eventually gather a complete set of teams from the younger players (Poussins category) to the older ones (the Senior category). In 1984, the senior team became the number two champion of the National B French League. The following year, the team took the third place. It was the time of players such as Préchac, Cabanis, Larher, Demoliens, Lomellini, Sozzi, Daty…

Then, because of a certain lack of enthusiasm, the club had no senior team anymore, but a “Junior-Elite” team instead. This team managed to boost our club which could finally enter the Third League (D3) again. Hard work has been necessary then to make it through this League and to the Second League (D2). In April 2000, the COC was in the Playoffs of the D3 in Grenoble, playing against the Grenoble club formerly in Elite Division but which had been relegated to the D3 because of financial problems. The way to the D2 has been opened after a goal scored during the extra time by our Swedish backing player. Then, rewarding the great efforts of everyone, we reached the First League (D1).

Now we are playing on the Thierry MONIER Ice Rink, named after the one who has been our Technical Director during so many years and who made our Club what it is today. The Olympic Center of Courbevoie offers to everybody a large choice of possibilities, from training to competition, from the Moustiques (the youngest players) to the oldest players, from D3 to D1 or Veterans.

Our sport is a school of life, our club is our family.

Thanks to all the ones, employees and volunteers, who are giving life to our Club.